‘At the Drop of Another Hat’ ending with Max Boyce!

Discos de vinilo: AT THE DROP OF ANOTHER HAT Michael Flanders and Donald Swann - Foto 1 - 23423532“At the Drop of Another Hat” was the title of a follow on to “At the Drop of a Hat”, a show by Flanders and Swann. Do you remember the Hippopotamus song or the big 6 wheeler, scarlet painted, 97 horse-power omnibus. 

Fighting to think of another title for the next blog during coronavirus lockdown (we are now 4 weeks into it), my mind drifted to Flanders and Swan after receiving another posting from my brother featuring Pam Ayres and “They should have asked my husband”.

Maybe some Shedder Poet (we have two or three you know) should write a poem “They Should have Asked my Wife”. The one who must be obeyed! 

Shedder Marie Keen sent a useful email about Kirstie’s Keep Crafting and Carry On programme

Hi Graham,
I spotted the above programme on catch up tv earlier today & having watched it through I thought there were some great woodworking ideas to do in the shed once it becomes open again.
The programme features all types of craft & has been made with lockdown in mind – all the projects can be made from bits & bobs you would have around the home (or shed!!). I downloaded the programmes for the craft ideas but as soon as i saw the woodworking projects it shouted ‘shed projects’ at me.
A variety of woodworking & upcycling projects from bug hotels, bird boxes & even hedgehog houses with runs. If you get a chance to download I think you will see some good ideas.
Some of the smaller projects would be useful for the kids projects you work on, obviously when lock down is over






Well done Shedder Paula from Redcar for keeping in touch via the video below. Her Roger features but it is what you don’t see that perked me up – Paula’s unforgettable laugh!! She and Roger are to work on caravan repairs when lockdown is lifted enough.

Staithes Shed has been on our minds . . . .

A month ago we were approaching the lockdown. The Shed closed operationally. The extension at Staithes was walled but not roofed. We had no idea what the weather would be but we did not even dream that there would be a month of dry, mainly sunny days! We had the OSB3 boards and roofing felt ready to cover the roof (and  roof lights to incorporate) and three or four of us roofed with the boards  and set in the Velux frames. We shrouded the openings with plastic sheeting, and retired from active Shed life. 

There were some high winds and local Shedders kept an eye on the premise generally whilst on their constitutionals. Plastic was observed to be flapping and there a suspicion (later disproved) that youngsters might have been in the extension. An agile Shedder got on the roof to fix the plastic sheeting again and worked to better secure the extension door. 

Into retirement again and the fine weather continued for another two weeks. How long would the fine weather last? What big rains might come? Could two of us stay socially distanced to put on the roof felting and make the roof boards watertight? Was it essential work? Was there danger being on the roof? Were there travelling risks? Were we doing it to have something to do (i.e. selfishness)? Would doing the task be in the spirit of lockdown? And other things.

We decided it was a task to be done to preserve the work that had been invested in already; the driver was not social; the minimum time would be spent there; we could stay socially distanced because different tasks were involved; we’d not lift into place the glazed window units because their weight and positioning requires 4 people working in close proximity. 

We are into retirement again!


This is a plaque I bought two or three years ago. It’s in my kitchen as a reminder.

To me, Wish it means seeing a goal (maybe a need, for instance). Dream it does not mean to day-dream over it but the mull it over in our minds actively, much like solving a problem in our heads. Do it means go for it and see what happens step by step, with ups and downs but keep going! What we do sometimes in our Sheds:-)

Facebook video with “Big Col” Easterby now in Larpool Care Home but still interested in life!

It’s little things like this phone call that makes a difference. When I get a call I’m not expecting it nicely disrupts my day. it’s great to use Facebook and see the other person.

I wish all the Shedders well and I hope lockdown does not last too long and you can all get back to the Shed.

Your mate,


Remember Max Boyce? The one with the giant leek!

Here he is with a new piece about our current situation with the virus and his reaction to it.


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