As Usual, the Week Kicks Off with Staithes.

Martin continued block laying on walls and Graham worked on restoring Ian’s cabinet on wheels. Tom continued to cut wood! 

The car is ready now for delivery to Seaton Primary School thanks to Maggie and Little Brian. We had two suprise visitors from the Littlebeck Shed. Wood turner Keith Nellis and his wife Dot. They were passing through Staithes and decided to find us. Keith told us about a disabled wood turner which gave us ideas for Ian maybe (after perhaps tackling carving and using the scroll saw to cut out shapes. Therefore the lathe possibly in 2022?

We want to say – all of us at Staithes Shed – how good it is to have Colin and Ian with us. Their minds are as strong as their sense of humour. 

A gang of 3.  Shedders Ian, “Big” Brian and Colin. 

Maggie varnishing the car. She’s a dab hand!

Pyrography of the horses mouth. Mickleby’s got talent. Ian has taken to this like a duck to water.

After a summer erecting a fence for Donald Trump (or the other half), Malcolm is back in pensive mood.

As you can’t see, Colin is holding a new retracting handrail we have installed for his use. Sometimes Colin is not cooperative 🙂

Continues Tuesday at Whitby and Littlebeck and back to Whitby on Wednesday for She Shed. The latter had a good turnout of 10 and another lady rang to come next week.

Katy stringing a colleague along on the chair seat

Shedder Martin paints in any colour that’s green!

Ali is highly strung

Look carefully to see the bead necklace and bead head piece.

Robert hot air stripping part of a chair

Necklaces Maeb made today. Stringing Elaine on

Robert with Graham’s older brother we think.

The Christmas Shed beginning to be cut out and pieced together.






















































Promotional posters for Women’s and Men’s Sheds based on familiar wartime originals.

We can do it!1W
We can do it!1M














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