Anyone fancy a Curry?

We’ve not idled time away during the latest lock out from the Sheds. 

Graham & Rob have been learning culinary skills. Brian is already more accomplished than the other two. Brian’s daughter asked why he was cooking from scratch like this.  Why not buy a jar of curry sauce? 

Brian’s ingredients in the pot

Can you smell the aroma?

 Brian’s comment, “Well this is the final result, to be tested this evening. I hope that I shall like it as there are five portions.”  

Let’s hope he has a taste of success.

Graham was the opposition

Sweet potato & chicken with onion, cinnamon stick etc.

Add tin of tomato &  chicken stock. Simmer for 20 mins









Graham & Joan enjoyed a dish with rice which left 4 servings to go into the freezer.

It was a medium curry with a bit of “bite” to it as recommended by Rob.







Sent by Graham’s son. The bird could be turned into a nice curry!



















Ginger Cake – Another first for Graham 

The lad is getting quite domesticated.


Greased cake tin with greaseproof paper lining

Mixing flour, mixed spices & ground ginger

Black treacle, soft brown sugar, golden syrup, butter

Cake being removed from the oven

Into the cake tin for future consumption







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