Another Page in new Shedder Rob’s Diary AND a Press Release to read

The Sheds are grass roots places. It is interesting to have feedback from a keen-eyed observer. Rob wrote his first chapter the day following his first attendance at the Shed. This is his next chapter!

<So how does all this work so well? I think the answer is a healthy combination of ‘people’ and ‘doing’.>  
Rob Diary

Then today this Press Release by NYCC was sent to us by Patrick at Frome Shed. He gets alerts and was alert to the name of North Yorkshire County Council. It made Graham sit up! 

Plus there was a quite exciting meeting of Sleights Connecting Communities this afternoon. There were definite signs of connecting happening in the meeting between various parties. Dynamic.

On Friday Graham is attending a briefing workshop in Harrogate as a voluntary sector attender (reduced rate!). It is a research briefing addressing older men’s experiences of loneliness and social isolation in later life. Graham ought to fit in there then. Maybe we pick up some leads there.

The family is together!

Graham’s family on each side of the world came together piece by piece in this jigsaw. It reminded Graham of Sheds where the individual jigsaw pieces of people – sometimes appearing at first to be misfits, come together. Maybe we might get 4 Shed jigsaws done to celebrate our 4 locations?

Some other photos this week from Staithes and Whitby. 

Betty’s Bag for off-cuts for her fire

A realistic staircase in Ray’s dolls house

Rob fitting new LED light

Rob finished his begging bowl. New to turning a week before!


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