Announcing the New Quiet Shed

A downside of powered equipment is noise. Nice if you are on the making end of it as part of your activity but not so good if you are of a quieter disposition. Our solution is a new Monday Quiet Shed! Starting in February 2019 at the Whitby Shed at Eskmouth Hall.

The Quiet Shed is still to be a Shed – a place to do. The difference is that only hand tools and small power tools/equipment will (normally) be used.

It still leaves a lot of choice even in the woodwork realm – hand sawing, drilling, sanding, planing to make anything from toys to picture frames.

A multitude of crafts also from wood burning and use of the Dremel micro tools to lino cutting, carving, furniture up-cycling and sewing/knitting machines. Model making, painting and technology too if they float your boat. Anything that is not too noisy!

And much more from our well stocked store of good things to try.

Setting this up will be Marie Keen and Elaine Marsh but like the other Sheds it will be run chiefly by its members.

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