An Action Forward into 2020 (plus Trees at St. Mary’s)

It is amazing how long the brain cells in a Shedder take to line up!! Alexa, wake us up

In recent months Shedder Bob has joined Graham as a member of the Sleights Connecting Community group. Over about 2 years now the group has tried to introduce a communications technology accent to the village.

It ain’t easy, as they say, but the display screens at the Sleights Surgery and in the Ingham Close Community Centre window (with Shed activities shown amongst many others) is one very good achievement.

Screen at Sleights Medical Practice showing SAMS advert

It was not easy because sometimes technology works against us – or our lack of knowledge. However, the combined efforts of various individuals won the day. Last Monday the group visited the Library Bus which was a revelation as to the wealth of e-materials available online for free (including magazines as well as books). Bob and Graham signed up to the new library service (we were lapsed members).

Can we encourage Shedders to sign up to support the Library Service but also in self interest. Graham believes the Beano is lurking somewhere online!).

If you’d like a quick introduction at the two Sheds then we can do that.

Now to Alexa (or Hey Google as an alternative)

Voice recognition reliability has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years. We often have to rely on it (forced into it!) when we call a company or service. The robot receptionist.

Voice recognition is at the heart of Alexa/Google. Some excellent TV ads have promoted these including a memorable one for the sight impaired. 

At the last Sleights Connecting Community meeting a week ago . . .

Amazon Dot is palm sized, connects to the local router like any other wifi device

we discussed the strategies best suited to equipping people (particularly some older people but not just them) with some know how on the revolution that is taking place and how they might have a go.

A traditional way is teacher mode but that has rarely been shown to work when attendance at school is an option! We agreed that it is better to deal with people when they have a need for a solution, not just to teach a solution/technology in isolation. People are more receptive if ideas are slipped in with the opportunity to learn at their own pace and in a fun way.

It is the basis of a lot of work in schools these days (and the youth work we are trying) so that youngsters learn by exploring partially individually and partially as a group helping one another.

Thus, once our brain cells lined up to the opportunity, we  resolved to introduce Alexa to our Men and Women Shedders at the Sheds. We may well discover we have covert Alexa/Google lovers in our ranks already and they can join in.

Installation for the New Year. Our thanks to NYCC who have nursed the work (Karen & Paddy).

“Alexa, remind me every Monday to go to Staithes Shed”.

Many people have taken the 199 steps from Whitby East Side up to St. Mary’s on the cliff top. Others take a car! Whichever way you go, the Christmas Tree Festival and the unusual church are both sights to behold. The Festival is not far short of 20 years since it started with just 8 trees. This year 153 spread across the maze of boxed pews.

Sleights & Sandsend Medical Practice

Sleights Primary School

Guessed it? Street Angels.

Beach Sweep (“Our Elaine”!)

General view

Santa’s Shed (“Our Tony”!)

The Sheds thank Tony for his fab job

































Not at St Mary’s but Graham’s finished copy of the ballerina.

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