Alexa, where is my camel?

Alexa cannot have passed you by if you watch TV, even if understanding of her capabilities might have. She/it is a device with a voice just like my Satnav except Alexa answers back and, within reason, does what she is told.

Alexa, what is my wife’s name?” This was a question Graham posed with his wife in the room. Alexa’s response was, “I hope you are asking that just to see if I know. If not, you may be in trouble later.” Fab. A joker.

Alexa, turn tree on“. And lo, two sets of Christmas lights and a standard lamp lit up. No scrabbling to get to the plug socket behind the armchair. Enabled by smart plugs (little servants of Alexa). 

Alexa, show the kitchen.” A steerable camera in the kitchen (up and down, side to side) showed the kitchen sink on Alexa’s round face as she sat in the lounge. 

These are not Graham’s devices (though he has an Alexa twin on the way for himself). They are for Staithes Shed and more accurately hopefully to help one of our Shedders who is currently (he’s working hard on physio) bed/wheelchair bound. Letting him keep track of his wife and she him even when in different rooms. If they want that. Able to summon up radio stations, video call (with Graham????) and turn on/off lamps etc.

Our thanks to People’s Health Trust who funded the Staithes Sheds and the encouragement of our Project Officer there who blessed such a purchase. This Alexa experience will also feed back into experience by NYCC with Alexa in Sleights.

Alexa got nowhere finding my camel plans, nor several other woodworking plans given to us (with a lot of equipment) by Margaret of Liverton. 

Thanks to Margaret, a skilled woodworker herself, prevented now by a health problem.

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