Advice Line

We start with advice from Margie Harriman in America. She and several of her family walked the Coast to Coast about 3 years ago.

We’ve kept a little in touch and advice on face coverings appeared on her Facebook page. We ask Shedders to study this carefully and to challenge each other if it is suspected that rules are not being followed.

Patrick in Frome Shed confirmed that, like us, the Shed is closed. However, he has been busy with a German TV crew spending a couple of days looking into the secret of Sheds and also the relationship with men’s health. Apparently they asked how it was that Shedders got on so well together. Don’t tell ’em Pike!

It is pleasing to report that Shedder Bob’s production line making walking sticks continues at speed. One a day! Bob uses a washing line to hang his sticks on while they dry after varnishing. 

Graham has a manhole cover he wants to mount on a crate to make a table-top on which to play marbles. Some think Graham has lost his.

Graham’s grandsons came across for a BBQ.

Joan completed a sheep Yorkshire Teapot cover.

The lads joined in a Zoom event with friends across the moor.

Nothing like a fire with marshmallows toasting on a stick









What else can we do in lockdown and away from our Sheds?


Shedder Roger is a poet and don’t we know it!

Always inspirational. This was penned early this morning so it is still hot from the oven.


Mother Nature was not mine;

her overachieving children

mere acquaintances.

The last rites on blooms

a sticky duty only

hard on my back.

Today a moment of marvelment,

unsure of what I saw.

A tiny trinity of open arms

each perfectly packed with seeds

awaiting unruly movement

beginning their journey

to cracks or micro-mud;

beauty breath-taking

in its minute perfection. 

                              Roger J Gould. 16/7/20

Pressing on towards opening at our Sheds. When not known but “be prepared”.

At Staithes Brian and Graham worked on making a joiner’s bench to Shedder Tom’s specification over the phone! It was like two languages being spoken! Not sure whether we followed instructions precisely  but at least it has 4 legs! It is for the new woodwork extension which will double up as a prison cell for Tom.

Fog forecast

Good friends of the Sheds, Reactor Services, have offered a pre-opening deep chemical “fogging” clean for each of our Sheds at a much discounted price. The condition is we clean conventionally first

This is much appreciated and should reassure Shedders coming back. 


Been encouraged today by Brid Men in Sheds project checking up on their wellbeing

Closed, of course. But their own old furniture shop premises!

Take a look inside!





Graham spoke to several other Sheds (further) Up North and the stories and enthusiasm are great. All action stuff!

One Shed leader said they got two women in their Shed. It’s alright, Graham said, as long as they behave like men! He laughed and said one is just that. She’d come to their (village centred) Shed with a broken door knob. She wanted a wooden replica.  Did they make it for her. NO! They taught her how to use the lathe and she made it herself. Triumph all round.

She is now a Shed regular. There’s something healthy about Sheds that break the “rules”. I love Last of the Summer Wine. Must check to see if any of our women Shedders have got crumpled stockings:-). 


The Frade Shed in Middlesbrough which meets most mornings has been open for 2 weeks now with 1m+ rules etc. But open only to those under 70. That ruins it for most of us.

Message from Shedder Malcolm of Staithes Shed.

Just got back from Screwfix. Making a cloche to go on top of my self irrigating pods as well as starting the mobile cabinet/workbench/tool storage/trestle storage. Be good if it works out. 5’High x 2’wide x 2’deep approx which splits into two worktops supported by the four trestles. The three sheets of 18mm ply arrived yesterday. Keeps me out of mischief. Just.

Steel reinforced wood is my latest wheeze. Four of the twenty plus cantilevers on the top of the garden fence are made with steel reinforced wood. If they fall down I’ll eat a hat, somebody’s hat as I don’t wear one myself.

Otherwise, all is well. Hope you and yours are staying safe.


Here is a competition: draw on a piece of paper what you think he’s making. Send it to Blue Peter, BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane with a stamp. Mention Malcolm and he might get a badge.

Finally for this blog, an up to date reminder about Coronavirus

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