Acquisitions on Their Way

Some purchases made at the start of this week for delivery to Staithes and BayThorpe later in the week.

Staithes has a “disorderly” pile of timber of all sorts and sizes, We can’t see the wood for the wood, if you get our meaning.

We have no idea what there is buried in the wood pile. The message came, “Sort it!” and indeed that is what we’ll be doing for a couple of weeks on Shed days.

We will sort the wood into type and section but we are also sorting out how it will be stored.

Axminster AC370WL wood lathe 

Not as it is presently but using a wood store system as pictured alongside.


Some of the guys at BayThorpe Shed are itching for a lathe as all our Sheds have and most in UK have. So, an Axminster wood lathe will be on its way. Model as per Littlebeck and Staithes Sheds

This will be be in a corner up by the door and it will be boxed in with a lid (and an aspidistra on top of that!) when not in use.  ** It arrived a day early in Sleights on a pallet. Very heavy. However Shedders Graham & Stuart stripped the various “red” components off and managed to ship the dismantled machine to BayThorpe  Shed for Thursday  re-assembly.

The prep-Shedders at BayThorpe are thoroughly enjoying the ingenious way the storage for equipment use is being tackled. More drawers were made today.

Not an acquisition but news from Claire Shelton, Kate Gordon’s predecessor, who originally pointed SAMS to the Volunteer It Yourself (VIY) organisation who worked with schools and projects on practical assignments. They led the two projects we ran (with Scouts) for Eskdale School students and Eskmouth Scouts. Seeing Claire’s “light” on with Skype Graham sent news to her about Kidz Making Good. Here is her reply:

Hi Graham, thank you so much for sending that to me – it’s brilliant! What a fantastic group you all are up in Sleights! Things OK here- our shed was 5 yrs old this year and we are fundraising like mad to replace the old roof. I’m also working for another lottery funded project managing their community fund (small grants for really local projects) and so keeping busy!! Lovely to hear from you – Claire x

An acquisition being made in Whitby is a SHEDS sign to go with the banner. 

Today completed the board and painted it. Added a roof! Finish tomorrow at the She Shed with Katy.

Tomorrow came and the SHEDS sign was finished. Sadly for us (but not for her) Katy was at the Egton Show! We started an arrow! Lathe, massive knitting, chair breaking and chair making all on the go. 

Seen in B&M. SHED Rules too?

Bowed text and arrow



Hannah did this, honest. Lance is adviser holding it!

Chair being remade after Peter took it apart Tuesday!


Someone in a really good mood!

















A wonder of turning brought in by Lance (wood, not Hannah)

















And finally this week here is a take on life is just a bowl of cherries (a basket in this case). 

There is a serious intent because what the blocks show is the way the Sheds together have expanded and expanded their scope in supporting, with others, the community. In it we recognise the important external roles that enabled us to get a foot on the ladder in each place we are. Shedders yes, but many others maybe not so well known to all of us.

This is an illustration for a Shed Partnership of the Year competition (one of four categories) through UK Men’s Shed Association. The nomination goes in this weekend. 

It is what in business or programme terms is called a framework. We fit into it (obviously!) but so would other Shed or non Shed projects. Enjoy the cherries and if you recognise yourself in the crowd keep it quiet.



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