A Word of Appreciation

This is to those who donate tools to us “so we can finish the job”.

Over the nearly 4 years of Sheds in the Whitby Area we have benefited from many donations of tools, equipment and materials.  We try to make use of them ourselves but sometimes we pass them on to Shedding colleagues.

The booty (get it?!)

This morning we have some very interesting equipment and tools donated by a lady who is moving house soon. They are tools extensively used by her late husband in model making and clock repair. Amongst the items is what is equivalent to a Dremel-type tool very robustly made and a vertical band sander (1″ wide band so compact).

Both these items seem appropriate for the new Sleights Youth Shed. Graham commented this and the lady said her husband would be pleased about that because he enjoyed training apprentices and seeing them develop.

One of Graham’s grandsons programming a “Droid”. Gotta have one at the Youth Shed surely:-)

If anyone in the Sleights area is interested in their offspring attending the Youth Shed (most probably on a Friday evening in the Sleights Scout Hut.) and/or helping at times with  activities please contact Graham 07763 656627. We need a team to preserve our sanity!!


Carers. Our Sheds are open to you too for some “you” time. Or even come together but work apart! The news item in the Gazette highlights matters so the rest of us understand.

A word of appreciation to carers too, therefore. If you haven’t, have a word with Carers Resource or similar.

Ending on an amusing note . . .

Graham’s eldest son led a party of students to France last week. By coach. As an exercise in using French they were sent off in small groups into a street market. They were given 20 euro to buy unusual foods that could be shared maybe (even on the bus home). I believe this is the gist.

One little group returned with two choice items. A shark’s head and horse brains.  They were not taken onto the coach:-). The food items that is. We wonder what the French for horse brain is. 

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