A Shed Near You and Flags

This is the title of a brochure on Whitby District Sheds. It aims to complement the postcards we have (having both is helpful) and this web site reinforces the active action purpose of our Sheds.

This is a draft document and it will probably be tweaked a bit before being printed for distribution through various channels.

It is a brochure so the page order may seem weird when viewed. However, each page is self contained in terms of content. We’ll be looking for a plugin later on to turn the pages like a book!

To help you find the Shed near you there might need to be a signpost! Below is a proposed banner for Staithes Shed to help promote the Shed at various prominent locations in Staithes. 


And here is one to be considered by the BayThorpe team. Those who have seen, seem to like it. It’s got a “come over for a cuppa” theme.

Should be visible when we are there to passers by on the Station road. Residents and visitors make quite a dynamic locality – we may stock our BayThorpe postcards at Littlebeck too for C2C Walkers to be given as added souvenirs. Aussies in particular , of course.

Once BayThorpe Shed is up, running and formally open we can probably publish an article on the the AMSA web-site inviting Aussie C2C Shedders to contact us. So long as we don’t get shed loads.


And another flag for Sleights Youth Shed due to launch in September.

Confession time:- This is a cheat photo. The flag will be the same size as the two above but we needed some human interest in the photo for the Gazette news article this week. So the flag was superimposed at reduced scale (and tilted!) on another photo with 3 lads who plan to be founding Young Shedders. 

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