A Littlebeck Labyrinth and Mates in M.A.T.E.S.

The tail end of the year is getting quite exciting. There “stuff” the Sheds are up to that we would never have dreamed of, not least a labyrinth for Littlebeck Chapel. We also never envisaged to growth of Sheds in North Yorkshire that there’s been and our friends in MATES Shed in Scarborough (weird bunch though they are) have just brought tidings of considerable (if not great) joy:-)

Shedder Roger’s Heart of Gould

This strange and lovely thing is a labyrinth. For centuries they have been objects of mysticism, and aids to prayer, where the journey to the centre can be an allegorical journey by the soul by faith to the realisation of salvation through God and then a continuing of life sure in that knowledge.

Sleights Area Men’s’ Shed are creating this one for Littlebeck Chapel. It will be about  4 feet square.

We have the stones for the outline but, for the pathway  we would like to invite anyone who would like to be part of this creation to select pebbles no more than an inch wide ( they may be longer but we have limited width within the pathway) to represent those they love (family, friends, the departed); like our Lord we have room for many souls!

Having collected your group, place them in a plastic bag and give them to us, we will include them within the heart. The project will get underway after Christmas and we would hope to complete it by Easter.

Blessings. Roger

It was a delight to see Roger engrossed in labyrinth design last Thursday. Lots of pencil lead and runner involved. Rock up at any of the Sheds with stones.

In a fit of inventiveness appropriate to Shedders it was decided that the postcard could be a turned into a gauge for selecting the right size of pebbles
Step-by-step to making a pebble sizing gauge from the Labyrinth postcard

Men And Tools Enjoy Sheds (MATES in Scarborough). Here is a press release of today that announces their success in getting an Asda/RVS grant as SAMS did to start the Whitby She-Shed.


Scarborough M.A.T.E.S.

(Men And Tools Enjoy Sheds)

To further our development plans we are pleased to announce that the Asda Foundation in association with the Royal Voluntary Services have awarded us a grant of £1000 towards the funding of a purpose built fully adjustable mobile workstation that can be folded away for storage into space of approx 1800mm x 1200 mm.

From January 2019 the Shed will be open on a Monday morning from 0930-1230 hrs starting from Monday 7th January, in addition to our regular Thursdays

On that Monday we will be holding an open house for anyone to come along see all the new equipment we have purchased since our start at the beginning of 2018. Tea coffee and biscuits will be on offer too.

. So what are you waiting for? Come and see for yourself.

Please contact : Iain Hale tel. 01723 864111 mob. 07907 595 650 e-mail: iain@suepetyt.me.uk

on Facebook @ Scarborough MATES 

Hmmmm. Are they copying our patented big green box? !!!!!!

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