A Couple of Plaudits This Week (& Scottish Sheds link)

Sheds can be a long time in the making. They are not simple overnight successes. This week we had two significant complements for facilities at BayThorpe Shed and Staithes Shed.

We had a few challenges to meet at BayThorpe Shed – from the Scouting landlords. The first was that the Shed should not be a Shed when Shedders are not there! That is a toughie as any Shedder will know. The Scouting leaders wanted to come to their Scout Hut and not find it resembling a toolbox! We also agreed voluntarily that we would look at a sleeping pod for leaders who came to stay with youngsters overnight on any occasion. We decided to try to make a “pull out” room that was normally collapsed flat against a wall but could be transformed into a room to house two leaders. We also needed new lighting (two very dingy fluorescent tubes existed) and some quick acting heating (for cold days).

Well, BayThorpe Shed applied its mind to these constraints/conditions. The result was what resembled a kitchen unit range with slide out storage for equipment big and small. Lockable too. Plus plug points and a new consumer unit. New LED panel lighting and wall mounted radiant heaters.

Last week, unannounced, one of the Scouting leaders came with a visitor to check the Shed for use this weekend for youngsters. So we had done no “special” tidy up. The result was a message that said “I called by to exchange keys and show the user round and was impressed by what you’ve done so far. The lighting and heating is excellent, and the pull out room too. It was also good to see some of your projects.”

Phew!!! 🙂

Then today at Staithes a plaudit. Under Malcolm’s (ahem) leadership we’ve been upgrading a rather dilapidated wooden shed for use by the Garden Club. For them to release the whole of the block built premises for Shed use. A huge expansion in our terms.

We try to do a good job (well Malcolm does) and it has been an interesting effort to do to shore things up, line and make wind/watertight. Along came Ken, one of the Garden Club supporters and he praised what we’d done to make it a home from home for the Garden Club. The guys are thrilled we were told.

Phew!!!! 🙂

Both have been hugely  beneficial projects that we wanted to be win-wins. It looks like they have been.

It is great when Sheds can cooperate with others (even landlords!) to create added value and some smiles.

Tour de Yorkshire will run up the coast in May passing through Robin Hood’s Bay, Whitby and Staithes (starting in Beverly and ending in Redcar).

We have been asked (along with others we guess) to do “something” that contributes to the day – or the immediate period before. Thinking caps are on and already BayThorpe is enthused. We hope to also do something in Staithes too.  Meanwhile, NYCC are intending to visit to film a few Shed snippets and comments about how the community might get involved to help the Sheds with ideas, materials and even some effort. Our aim would be to make it a little inclusive. Time to get together on this!

Well done Sheds. Think about ourselves and think about others at the same time!

The Scotsman (a newspaper!) has an extensive article on Sheds. The link is below. It is well worth reading. 

The Powerful Effect of Men’s Sheds in Scottish Communities

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