A Busman’s Holiday?

Graham has either been missed or not missed! The reason why the blogs have been rather irregular is that Graham has been Down Under. It was due to a craving for Joan and Graham to meet family at last but then Graham had withdrawal symptoms from Sheds. 

Going Shed cold turkey can lead to real complications so Graham ventured into the Stratford-on-Avon Shed in Victoria, Australia.

He’ll soon be back home now but below is a video diary of a Friday morning (7/10/2022) in fact. Just like our Sheds, a motley mixture of types who somehow coexist together for everyone’s benefit and that of their community.

Just before the video I would like to acknowledge Shedders in all of our Sheds who have had rough times with health themselves or in their families. Graham has kept in touch at various strange hours with some Shedders just to know the situations in Sheds and with individuals. Thank you all for your flexibility in covering each others backs.

Shedder Rob has been on travels to Scotland and stopped off in Kelso. What did he find? Kelso Men’s Shed!

Rob wrote . . . . Discovered this on Sunday. They have a shop in the High Road and a market stall. Shop closed at the time but will visit next time. Note the bird boxes.


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