Help comes in many forms

Does anyone know anyone who would be able to benefit from any of these services? 

Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic we have been required to refocus the services we offer due to the need to observe social distancing. 
Since March 2020, we have offered an individualised service based on individual need for almost 100 older and vulnerable adults with the support of over 20 volunteers. This has included:
  • Regular ‘Befriending’ telephone phone calls.
  • Support to register as Extremely Vulnerable on the Government website.
  • Assistance to set up online shopping deliveries.
  • Personalised shopping – Shopping for people who are unable to shop for themselves due to self-isolating, being extremely vulnerable and or have no other supports available.
  • Organisation of 7 days a week meal delivery for older and vulnerable people and their families.
  • Promotion of the North Yorkshire County Council Shopping Voucher Grant and the delivery of shopping.
  • Prescription Deliveries.
  • A specifically designed Covid–19 Information Pack that covers good practice, staying safe and other information.
  • Provision of information and links to other organisations.
  • Provision of exercise and entertainment information and links.
  • Order and distribution of Health and Fitness kits from North Yorkshire Sport
  • ‘Lunch on Legs’, a new service commencing 28/05/20 that will provide a traditional hot meal delivery. This has been developed in partnership with a local Pub.

These are services provided by Revival North Yorkshire on behalf of Councils and Agencies and out of their good heart. 

DO YOU KNOW ANYONE IN NEED AT THIS TIME, Give them this information and give Debbie a call or Graham/Roger/Elaine. We can help Debbie to help people by simply suggesting them. 

Life as a Grandparent isn’t easy in lockdown

Not see the grandkids (4 of them) for 8 weeks now, save on Skype and in photos on WhatsApp. We’ve seen changes in them all. This is Reuben and he decided to design and manufacture a bedside table to his own specification. 

It helps Joan and I – it encourages us – to see the kids “doing” creatively as they learn craft skills AND about risk and safe working practice. There’s a lot to learn that’s not digital!







































Some Laughter to Help too

First, something to think on:

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds.

You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

Don’t forget to water it!



























On a Shed holiday tomorrow (20th May). In Guernsey.

Of course it is not what it seems. Graham was “fingered” by Kate Gordon of UK Men’s Shed Association to join a live Shed discussion (sound and vision) in the afternoon from 3pm for up to 90 minutes. Tested the technology which worked first time and chatted with Marcel Lenormand (yes a French name though as English as me!!). 

The Guernsey Shed is doing some interesting work and there are spin-offs into other specialist services for the community. See 

They had another guest from the mainland lined up but unfortunately there were technical glitches and unreliable signals. The upshot is that Graham is waiting for Len Thomson in Labrador Shed, AU to awake at about 9pm tonight our time (6am there) to see whether we could do a UK, Oz, Guernsey live chat but recorded for use in Wednesday’s programme whilst Len is asleep again (does he do anything else?).  [The conversation was achieved at 10pm for half an hour or more. 

A feeler had also been put out to Earth Balance Shed beyond Newcastle (UK). Graham had spoken to the Secretary a few days ago (see the photos in the previous blog post). Later in the evening the Chairman rang and agreed to join in live on Wednesday.  Certainly help comes in a variety of ways:-).

Just like Whitby, Guernsey is an island and they want Shedders there to know they are a part of something much wider.

Guess what they made recently. It was what Shedder Dave Mawdesley in Littlebeck Shed did – making a Candy Cart for use in a sheltered housing complex on the island.

Len sent an email this morning which indicates jumping on him at about 10 minutes notice  has not meant Graham has lost a friend:-)

Hi Graham,
Thank you for thinking of me this morning and setting up the interview with Marcel.  I really enjoyed the opportunity and I look forward to seeing the programme on YouTube.

Here is the end result. I, like most of you, hate seeing me on vision. This was an amazing unscripted show that brought together people who 24 hours before had never met. It was enriching.

In hamfisted, unplanned ways I managed to get Charlotte A mentioned in the middle and at the end and her role as Link Worker for the Surgeries and praised up NYCC and the way the community has pulled together. 

Not surprisingly I mentioned Frome and the Compassionate Community angle given the opportunity. 

Len penned the following to Guernsey host Marcel and Marcel responded. Patrick from Frome Shed and UK Shed Radio chimed in at the end of the programme and also subsequently sent another message.

Hello Marcel,

thank you for the opportunity to participate in yesterday’s podcast.  Whilst it caught me a bit off guard when Graham rang, I really enjoyed contributing and would be more than happy to do it again if you felt inclined.  I would be happy to do it live if I had some notice.  I found it on Youtube.

You refer to family and I can’t agree more with this term.  It is amazing, since becoming a Shedder and more so since becoming a director, the doors that Shedding has opened.  That chance meeting with Graham in Whitby followed by the visit to his Shed in Littlebeck will stay as a cherished memory.  I have been able to visit Sheds in Ireland, England and of course around Australia and as I said, you can walk into any Shed and immediately feel at home.

If there is anything I can do to add to Men’s Shed Guernsey, please let me know.  In the meantime I wish the very best to your respective Shedders.

Best regards,

Len Thomson


Australian Men’s Shed Association
Mob:  0417 425 007

On 21 May 2020, at 2:49 am, Marcel Lenormand <> wrote:

Thanks Patrick.  Wonderful to meet other members of the family!

Thanks again to Len, Brian and Graham — you made it very interesting and enjoyable for everyone.

A La Perchoine! — Until Next Time!


Men’s Shed, Guernsey

On 20 May 2020, at 17:45, Patrick Abrahams <> wrote:

Marcel & Graham & Brian – Thanks for a really great Shedcast – Good to see the Australia connection !

See attached photo !

Keep up the very good work !


Patrick Abrahams
Frome Shed
UK Men’s Sheds Association – Ambassador
M: 07494-120704
<Shed Cast – Mahesh.jpg>

HOW QUICKLY FRIENDSHIPS CAN BE MADE WHEN THERE IS A COMMON UNDERSTANDING OF PURPOSE!! I was particularly pleased to see Brian of Earth Balance Men’s Shed in the “virtual” flesh. 


It was a busy day with a book launch in a Zoom conference. It is an e-book with many stories of Men’s Mental health. True stories. Plus one woman’s take on bringing up boys.

If you or anyone close to you has or is suffering reduced mental heath wellbeing please look at this posting that is a “sticky” one which is always at the top of the home page.



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