“UK Shed Happens” on Frome fm (with promo following for Yorkshire Airlines!)

Here are Parts 1 and 2 of the “UK Sheds Happen” broadcast via Frome 96.6fm Radio. In total, two hours of listening. This programme is an international one with contributions from Australia, Iceland, Canada, Hawaii, Germany and, yes, Whitby.

It is an interesting angle on the universality of Sheds that bring together people for creative distraction and camaraderie. 

If you wish to go straight to the Whitby contribution, it is in Part 1 at about 50 minutes into the programme. You will see a start button on a screen like that in the shot below. Click on the recording at the position shown where there is a colour change.. Whitby follows Iceland in the schedule. 

Continue listening to the end of Part 1 to hear Phil Smith of Sleights with his original piece on Whitby Sheds

Shed Happens Part 1 on 8th April

Shed Happens Part 2 8th April


Here is a link to the programme schedule and some useful links and attachments including the .pdf below showing the Aussie Wheel of All Round Wellbeing




Here from Staithes Shedder Malcolm is a promotional video for Yorkshire Airlines, the North’s most popular.


From Graham’s brother in Cambridgeshire,

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