Nice Ones Shedders

Some Wheel Good Things Being Made

Well, a Pull Cart for Whitby Interactive and the Staithes car for Seaton Primary.

Maggie got on with undercoating the car

We are cutting out wooden wheels and a steering wheel too .











All out of scrap!

Base made by Kidz Making Good

New sides and seats by WHIMS and She Shed

Think we’ll add a BIG 3 on front and back

One of our She Shedders carefully painting the pull cart red!


Good news in Staithes. The Sports & Social Club have offered us the shared use of the old pigeon club shed in addition to the existing masonry shed. 

Expansion! Repair work and insulation to be added.

Very pleased!


Before you ask, these are not giant name badges. Shedder Karen decided we should have personal place mats. Beware if you use some else’s!  Apparently, BIG G is Graham. On our advice, Karen has booked into SpecSavers.

We had newcomer Kirsty today (with Karen). Plus we visited Ian in Mickleby with a view to him coming on 22nd. A newcomer Lena from Hinderwell is expected this coming Monday. 

At BayThorpe Shed there was a keen morning of work completing hard standing at the rear, breaking pallets and planning in detail the internal units with some clever ideas to swivel equipment to drop below the worktop.


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