300 Milestone Hit

Yes, 300 of these blog posts since the site was relaunched after mysteriously losing it! 

Someone with vast experience of lockdown you might think is Sister Hannah, of Sneaton Priory our woodworking nun! She thought she’d let us know what double lockdown is like!!

Hi All,

What does a Sister do during lockdown — we carry on with our daily offices (services) 5 a day – yes each one is one of my 5 a day !!
Some of our staff are on furlough so we have taken on something extra – mine is the laundry other sisters are reception duty, cleaning and watering plants in the greenhouse.
No shed to go to so I have been making the best of things here.
The simplest thing I have done is to recycle a pallet by leaning it up against a wall and putting fuchsia plants along the top middle and bottom the idea is that they will all flower and come cascading downwards covering the pallet. 
The last photo is a part of a pallet which I am going to turn into a small table for the guests patio area. 
I hope you are all keeping well.


Thanks for keeping us in touch and doing what you can. Do you need the pallet breaker from Whitby Shed or will you attacking it with a crowbar?  If you need the wood nicely planed, we have a thicknesser at Staithes Shed we are dying to use:-)

Greetings from the Shedding brotherhood to the Sisters!!



The account from Sr. Hannah (just plain Hannah at the Shed!!) points to one of pleasing aspects of our Shedding even in lockdown. Our Sheds (and I think most anywhere) are keen to establish connections beyond their 4 walls and with no open workshop!

How do you create good relationships? Ones that bank good will and collaboration? Some of us will have watched Lloyd Webber’s “Sound of Music” and you can possibly understand why Graham began to think hard about “How do you solve a problem like Hannah?”. The answer is that you need to identify the problem first and Graham is still looking for one. Hannah is like many of our Shedders, a ray of light in a Shed. She and they are up for banter and a bit of mischief too!

When Hannah can attend (not always because of her role in hospitality at the Priory) she comes in mufti if its her day off. Other times she will have duties to fit in and she arrives in grey habit. There’s surprise on the face of any visitor and a lot of uncertainty about how to address someone in that kind of dress!

The wonder of Sheds (I’m sure it’s not exclusive to Sheds) is that we come to see each other as we are “inside” and not judge by externals. That is very freeing for all.

Moving on from making an example of Hannah, we’ve been busy in external relationships near and far. (the broadcasts helped in that) but also found ways to work ad hoc with our existing friends in other organisations and doing our bit to support wellbeing of anyone. If only a smile!

People’s Health Trust

We now have the link to the video from The People’s Health Trust who funded the Staithes Sheds. It contains views of the impact on projects of Covid. They asked to use footage of the Singing Vicar Steve Foster of Robin Hood’s Bay (and BayThorpe Shed) which we had sent to them in fun as a result of their press release on Staithes Shed.

Watch it all and note that Steve appears twice in the video and sound of his banjo playing filters through elsewhere.

Pannett Park Gallery Paintings – Whitby Gazette

Here is a selection of the paintings with background notes being placed every week in the Whitby Gazette. Study the paintings but look at their backgrounds which are most informative of our local Whitby Heritage.

3. Arthur Stockdale Cope
4. Mary Weatherill
6. Isa Jobling
5. Sands at Whitby, Unknown
7. Sir Henry George Rushbury
1. William Gilbert Foster


Anything. Helen at Pannet Park has heard from someone whose mother was housekeeper for one of the artists, and from someone whose father lived next door to one.  She would be thrilled if anyone knew of someone who rented rooms to a Staithes Group artist, or worked as a model for them, or any other connection!

Call for stories 2

Our Littlebeck Shed Artist Don Brayshaw

Not quite in competition with Pannett Gallery, Don has sent some of his work for us with some notes too.

Watercolour – this is my friend’s Ciro’s garage, it’s where I send everyone.

Pastel’s of Speedway rider’s for my Facebook page (Speedway Artist), it shows the pastels I’m using, quite a demanding medium for detailed work.

One of the pastels showing sheep in Esk Valley.

The watercolour of the children is a montage of the 5 grandchildren in watercolour, I’m after something that represents their nature.



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