Drift or Direction?

We’ve been working out what we’ve done over the past three years (SAMS opened formally on March 4th 2016) and how that has changed.

First we started SAMS (with little knowledge at all!), then we Replicated SAMS in other places and for other genders; then started to Apply what we were doing in a couple of novel ways, and finally Diversified to include new themes.

Here is some evolution:


Now the chronology

Looking back, March 2018 was an important point of change
Foundation, Replication, Application, Diversification
Innovative, entrepreneurial, proof sof concept with scale up potential, transferable

From founding Sheds we have moved to advising other Sheds who wish to start up in the region (and in some cases elsewhere) through the UK Men’s Shed Association.

We look for indications of need which the application of the Shed ethos might benefit, which is why we are exploring roles in children/youth related activities with/through Scouts and Schools. We see several possible “specialist” Sheds meeting particular needs as a possibility. It’s all creative:-)

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