About several things, starting with Cock-a-Leekie soup (See end for Thursday 28th January Cookery)  In the Soup Challenge, one of the three contenders, Shedder Brian Bayliss fell before the starting line. He had to pull out from being on screen because of water ingress to his garage. He found it…

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Cookery Shed

If we cannot have Sheds open, let’s do somethings at home that we can share in over Zoom.  That was the outcome of today’s Talking Sheds at the Kitchen Table attended by the (a?) Magnificent Seven. The idea of cookery had been raised in the Sheds and elsewhere. Lockdown is…

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Wishing us all – ourselves, our friends and family and our community – a 2021 that allows a restoration of the best of the old normal, retaining the best of the new. 2020 taught us to appreciate and develop connectedness. Let’s all play our part in furthering that this year.…

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