Joining Forces

A pooch gate and a garden dig over with a story of collaboration behind it. The story behind the pictures . . . It started on Saturday late afternoon, 6 days ago. An email arrived from a lady called Cheryl which said she was  working with Revival North Yorkshire, the…

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Who knows what Christmas will be like this year for adults but also for children. We are entering winter and dark nights now and come Christmas kids might like something to make that does not involve Lego (though it is good!). Our Sheds have got together with some ideas of…

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Branching Out

Three new ventures in the making possibly (actually concerned with making too!) Kits4Kids Shedder Bob has been doing a good sideline trade at the Sleights Shed making Teddy Bear chairs from sticks. He’s been selling them alongside his walking sticks in one or two of his outlets. He also makes…

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Covid impact

Graham has family in Victoria, AU. Not in Melbourne which is a relative hot spot. Bin Lady is amusing as a piece of fun but less so for those involved for real. Graham loves the mention of Bunning (they took over rather unsuccessfully UK Homebase). In Australia they are regarded…

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