Roger in a jam and bird palaces

Hardly a quiet week at the Sheds but Graham’s mobile phone camera was on the blink! What is encouraging is the enquiries we are receiving concerning attending the Sheds. Had two new people this week.


Roger’s marrow from his neighbour

Roger’s marrow jam!!

Roger’s toy trucks being prepared for Festival of Thrift

Like the windscreen wipers?

Karen at Staithes making a wrist band

Had a new Shedder today, Alan2, who makes bird houses the size of doll’s houses. Fretted inserts.

Judge the size from Alan’s car boot!

   Looking forward to Alan2 at Staithes demonstrating the art of fretting (if that is the correct term). Looking now for a quick release blade fretsaw. It takes long term patience. No short cuts (apology for the intentional pun).

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