Peep into SAMS

Less than 3 months after SAMS started in early 2016, Yorkshire Coast Homes (now incorporated with Beyond Housing) donated Kevin Allen to produce a video to explain what SAMS was really about. It still holds true and for both sexes. 


Shedder Rob is gobsmacked . . . “I don’t believe it” – “Fancy That” – “Well I Never These Idioms and phrases are often heard when connections between each other are revealed. I have experienced quite a few recently. Graham and I were filling in some Whitby Shed banking forms…

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It’s Christmas!!

Wishing all our Shedders in Whitby, BayThorpe and Staithes a peaceful Christmas. The unfolding Omicron situation may put family time at risk and indeed the Sheds in the New Year. That is not welcome, of course. However, it does highlight yet again how precious friendships are.  Graham has returned to…

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Forging Ahead

There’s certainly a noticeable increase in newcomers in all our Sheds. They are a rich mix of  personality types and interests, all with a story of Covid-19 isolation but also a tinge of isolation from changed life circumstances. There are also some interesting developments in the Shed infrastructures. First, a…

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Playing Catch Up

There’s a lot of it about at the moment.  A lot of activity getting the Sheds back to normal but also several new opportunities to connect the community.  A lot to catch up with. First we catch up with Ed Horwood of North Yorkshire Youth Justice Service and the Pop…

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