Peep into SAMS

Less than 3 months after SAMS started in early 2016, Yorkshire Coast Homes donated Kevin Allen to produce a video to explain what SAMS was really about. It still holds true in 2018 and for both sexes. 



Littlebeck gets ready for Spring – why not you?

Last Spring our wooden planters were a hit, so we expect another busy season this year.

Made from weather proofed decking timber, our planters stand about 27” (68cm) high and are approx. 12” (30cm) wide. They come in varying lengths; the 24” (60cm) one is ideal for the front porch, the 36” (60cm) perfect for a Gro-Bag.

 Prices?  2Ft. £25   3ft. £ 30 Other prices on application

We can make matching window boxes to order, why not talk to us? 

Contact for this Roger@SAMS    

The Labrador Shed

Monday morning at 7.30am Len Thomson and Graham left to be at Len’s Shed on the Gold Coast. It was winter, but with a morning temperature respectably matching anything we’d see in Whitby on a summer’s morning! We take a look into the see a) what’s there, b) who’s…

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Givers and Makers

At each of the Sheds we need inputs to make outputs. Shedders and materials. What is great is to be a the receiving end of other people’s generosity. We also like repurposing materials that might be skipped. We are not above scavenging. This week we received another tranche of goodies…

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