Peep into SAMS

Less than 3 months after SAMS started in early 2016, Yorkshire Coast Homes donated Kevin Allen to produce a video to explain what SAMS was really about. It still holds true in 2018 and for both sexes. 



Littlebeck gets ready for Spring – why not you?

Last Spring our wooden planters were a hit, so we expect another busy season this year.

Made from weather proofed decking timber, our planters stand about 27” (68cm) high and are approx. 12” (30cm) wide. They come in varying lengths; the 24” (60cm) one is ideal for the front porch, the 36” (60cm) perfect for a Gro-Bag.

 Prices?  2Ft. £25   3ft. £ 30 Other prices on application

We can make matching window boxes to order, why not talk to us? 

Contact for this Roger@SAMS    

First Aid and GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into being and we are now ensuring permissions to hold data by SAMS/Whitby Area Sheds are in place. We are asking Shedders to supply at least one form of contact for them, agreement to receive relevant Shed information (such as the UKMSA Shoulder…

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Global Aid

SAMS  organised it’s third annual Christian Aid Week Sausage Sizzle in Littlbeck. Always good fun in a good cause. This year it was extended by Shedder Roger to include sponsored walks. The weather was great, ideal for walking. Tiny Littlebeck played a part in global aid. We also thank the…

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