Peep into SAMS

Less than 3 months after SAMS started in early 2016, Yorkshire Coast Homes donated Kevin Allen to produce a video to explain what SAMS was really about. It still holds true in 2018 and for both sexes. 


The Visit

We are talking about the High Sheriff of North Yorkshire’s visit with fellow Dragons. Plus Two Ridings Community Foundation. First, some photos of what was going on at SAMS just before the visit. It was a very stimulating meeting with the Dragons. You will see in the photo at the…

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Dear Aunt Lance,

I am an old guy involved in Sheds and needing to buy a dust extractor for each of two locations. I have received conflicting advice from others but chiefly myself. Please can you help? Dear Graham, here is an extract from my new Ladybird Book on Shed equipment written for…

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